About me

My name is Rainer Popp. I was born 1975 in Munich, Germany. My passion is collecting and restoring old locks built before the end of 19th century. I am fascinated by the handicraft skills and creativity of the old masters. Those locks were often secured by trick mechanism, so-called “trick locks”. A friend of mine suggested that I design a padlock including tricks of my own, in homage to the old masters. Designed with a modern CAD System. Manufactured with modern machine tools.

Rainer Popp

The main idea is not resistance against brute force: in fact the lock is a mechanical puzzle. In 2006 trick lock #1 (T1) was finished. It is nearly impossible to solve without the manual. And since then I have improved on the design. In subsequent models I focused more on tricks which are solvable in a reasonable time and priced for different budgets. The tricks are varied and the designs different and appealing. As to the materials, I use brass, with the shackle made of stainless steel. Limited editions are completely in stainless steel.

Sometimes people have asked me why the high price compared with other modern puzzle locks. Please consider that my locks are turned and milled one by one from the solid materials. They are not manufactured in the hundreds or thousands in China or India using cast blanks.

My locks are hand crafted and unique. Made in Germany.

My locks will appeal to people who enjoy puzzles and who appreciate quality work.